Sweden and NATO: ruling party will announce its decision on Sunday

The party in power in Sweden, the Social Democrats, indicated this Monday (05.09.2022) that it will announce on May 15 its position on whether the Scandinavian country should submit its candidacy to NATO, in a context of Russian invasion of Ukraine and tensions geopolitical.

A decision in favor will certainly open the way for Sweden to formalize a request to join the North Atlantic Alliance. “The party will announce its position on May 15,” that is, next Sunday, Social Democrats spokeswoman Julia Grabe told AFP.

If the party in government supports accession, there would be a clear parliamentary majority for it, especially if neighboring Finland, whose decision is expected in the coming days, presents its candidacy for the US-led military alliance.

Sweden and Finland have been non-aligned countries for decades, but public opinion on both has shifted to support NATO membership following Russia’s February 24 invasion of Ukraine, which has raised fears about their security, according to polls. (AFP)

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