Italy recovers an ancient stolen manuscript of ‘The Prophecies’ of Nostradamus

Authorities in Italy have recovered a stolen ancient manuscript of the prophecies of French astrologer Michel de Notre-Dame, better known as Nostradamus, according to a communiqué published last week on the Carabineros website.

The text indicates that the work, ‘The Prophecies of M. Michel’ —written in Latin in 1568—, was in the Biblioteca SS. Blasi Cairoli del Urbe, in Rome, until 1991, when it was transferred to the Biblioteca Generalizada Barabiti, from which it was stolen in a “unspecified time”.

Although the exact date on which he disappeared is unknown, the report of the robbery arose in 2007, they point out. local media.

In May 2021, an auction house in Germany put the volume in question up for sale with a starting price of 12,000 euros, for which the antiquities section of the Cultural Heritage Protection unit of the Italian Carabinieri began an investigation in this regard.

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thanks to a seal of the former library to which it belonged found in its pages it was confirmed that the manuscript was the same one that had been stolen, so the Italian judicial authorities sent a request for assistance to their German counterpart.

The auction was blocked and the book seized and held at the Stuttgart Police offices. Finally, on Thursday of last week, the volume was returned to the owner of the Barabiti Generalized Library, Father Rodrigo Alfonso Nilo Palominos.

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