Putin said he launched “preemptive strike” against Ukraine over NATO threat

The Russian leader assured that his country is making every effort to avoid “a global war”, but the invasion of Ukraine was a “necessary measure, the only possible one”.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin assured this Monday (05.09.2022) that his country launched a “preventive” attack in Ukraine in defense of the “homeland” against the threat of NATO and the West, and assured that it was “a necessary measure” and the “only possible” in this situation, which he described as “unacceptable.” At the same time, he called for all necessary efforts to be made to avoid a global conflagration.

“We have seen how military infrastructures are deployed, how they were supplying NATO weapons,” he said during his speech in Red Square on the occasion of the 77th anniversary of the Soviet Victory Day over Nazi Germany. “The danger was growing every day. Russia carried out a preventive response, it was a necessary measure and the only possible one in this situation. It was a decision of a sovereign, strong and independent country,” she said.

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The leader maintained that Russia has promised to do “everything possible so that the horror of a global war is not repeated” and for this reason, he said, “despite all the differences in international relations, Russia has always advocated a global security system and indivisible, one that is vital to the entire world community.

After assuring that Ukraine intended to buy nuclear weapons, as Russia possesses, and was preparing “a punitive operation in Donbas and an invasion of our historical territories, including Crimea”, a region belonging to Ukraine, he added that “it was systematically creating an intolerable threat to us directly at our borders.

“Everything pointed to the fact that a confrontation with the neo-Nazis, the supporters of (Ukrainian collaborationist leader Stepan) Bandera (…), would be inevitable,” he said. Putin added that today, 77 years after the end of the Second World War in Europe, “the Donbas militias together with the Russian Army are fighting on their own land (…) for their future, so that no one forgets the lessons of the Second World War, so that there is no room in the world for executioners, repressors and Nazis,” he said.

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