6.3 magnitude earthquake shakes the island of Taiwan

Authorities reported no damage or injuries after the quake, and no tsunami warning was issued. Shortly after, an aftershock of magnitude 5.4 was felt.

An earthquake of magnitude 6.3 shook the coast of Taiwan this Monday (05/09/2022), according to the United States Geological Survey. The quake shook buildings in the capital, Taipei, but no immediate damage was reported. Previously, the Taiwan Meteorological Institute had reported that the earthquake was magnitude 6.1.

According to the USGS, the quake struck at a depth of 27 km, about 70 km southwest of Yonakuni, a Japanese island off Taiwan. Shortly after, a second earthquake was felt in the same area, of magnitude 5.4 and at a depth of 16 kilometers. Taiwanese authorities have reported no damage or casualties after the shaking.

The movement was felt throughout the island, and caused a temporary cut in the railway service, so that a preventive inspection of the tracks could be carried out. An hour after the earthquake, the trains started running again, without any difficulties. “There could be aftershocks, please be careful,” New Taipei Mayor Hou You-yi wrote on Facebook. With this, there are already five earthquakes of magnitude 6 or higher that have hit the country so far in 2022.

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The Japan Meteorological Agency estimated the quake to have been a magnitude 6.6 and warned there could be some minor fluctuations in sea levels, but no tsunami warning was issued. Taiwan and its surroundings regularly experience earthquakes as they are located near the junction of two tectonic plates, the Philippine and the Eurasian.

In 2016, 100 people died in an earthquake, while in 1999 an earthquake of magnitude 7.3 caused more than 2,000 fatalities. In March this year, a 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck off the country’s eastern coast, shaking buildings and waking people from sleep, injuring one person and causing a half-built bridge to collapse in the eastern part of the island. .

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