Two Chinese patrol boats enter Japanese waters near disputed islands

Two Chinese coast guard ships entered the waters near the Diaoyu (Senkaku) islands located in the East China Sea and disputed between Tokyo and Beijing on Monday morning. informa NHK, citing the Japan Coast Guard.

According to the report, the Chinese vessels approached the Japanese fishing boats. In response, the Japanese Coast Guard sent patrol boats to the area to ensure the safety of their boats and demanded that the boats immediately leave Japan’s territorial waters.

Tension between the two countries skyrocketed after the Japanese government bought three of the five Diaoyu Islands from a private owner in 2012. A year later, Beijing expanded its air defense zone in the East China Sea to cover that archipelago.

Last November, Japan carried out a drill involving its Self-Defense Forces, Coast Guard and Police under the assumption that “foreign forces” had occupied the Senkaku Islands, whose waters are constantly broken into by Chinese vessels, although Tokyo pointed out that the potential enemy did not represent any specific country or nation.

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