Marvel had doubts about the ending of Doctor Strange 2

The end of Doctor Strange 2 did not convince Marvel. The studio wasn’t sure about the conclusion presented by the Sam Raimi sequel.

As explained by himself Benedict Cumberbatch on the YouTube channel of, Marvel Studios had a few uncertainties with the plot of Doctor Strange 2. The film is being a complete success at the international box office and the sequel to the Sorcerer Supreme The vast majority of fans liked it. However, in the study they were not sure with the conclusion. This, apparently, is more common than it seems. At the end of the day, we are talking about a very well-constructed shared universe. Each step forward must be carefully thought out, analyzed and studied. They have to be totally sure before giving it, especially for what may happen in the future.

“There is a lot to examine, explain and absorb in this film,” said the actor.

Talking about the fast pace of Doctor Strange 2, Benedict Cumberbatch admitted that sometimes it is not so good to work with that rhythm. Wild action cannot be mixed with scenes where the characters dialogue and move the plot forward. The Marvel Studios star also revealed that the film’s third act, the finale, was very much up in the air when filming began. A trend that, by the way, the studio often employs to make sure its endings are up to scratch.

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“There is a bit of anxiety in the footage,” Benedict Cumberbatch acknowledged about Doctor Strange 2. “There’s a ticking clock, I guess, and it’s important. It’s a lot of stuff for one movie, that’s why it has this rushed pace from the beginning. It worries me when there are scenes where we sit down and talk, because he keeps thinking that we should be doing things. Then I’m in the movie and I feel like it’s the other way around. That’s why I’m the worst judge to judge him. Either way, there are times when you, the audience, can catch your breath. You need to do it. There is much to examine, explain and absorb. But there is also a kind of propulsion towards the end. This is great in the last third, which by the way was very much up in the air when we started shooting. This is typical of Marvel Studios and it really fits the bill.”

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