Horacio Pancheri acknowledges that his relationships have ended because of his jealousy

“I am very happy and at peace with Isa. She has been my girlfriend for a year and three months. She is an architect, nothing to do with the medium. It gives me a little more peace of mind perhaps (that she is not here), but it does not mean That leaves me alone.”

“(I’m) calm because I’m already basically trusting myself, so that makes you trust your partner, whoever they are,” he said. “I like that she’s an architect, that she’s a businesswoman, that she really likes the topic of desserts. She comes from Venezuela, she has a dessert company. She makes the best brownies in the world,” she acknowledged.

Horacio Pancheri and Isa Valero
Horacio Pancheri and Isa Valero

Among the things that conquered him is that Isa Valero He has a good heart and a great desire to help. “She is a girl who has a huge heart, she works with foundations, helps many children fulfill dreams,” she said. “I met her at a soccer game in Valle de Bravo that Pepe (José) Ron organized, actors against soccer players and she went because she was a friend of someone there, with another friend, we met there, but I was with my partner, she with his partner and a year and a half two years later we met, single”.

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The interpreter did not hesitate to reveal that he would very much like to reach the altar with his girlfriend, and although there is still nothing concrete about it, the theme of the wedding is something that they do have in mind. “There is a lot of talk (about getting married). Isa is very Catholic. Before getting pregnant she wants to get married. We don’t have a date planned but she’s coming soon. We are living together and that is the most important thing,” he said.



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