Hasbro: the key so that the toy industry does not die is to anticipate

A child begging for a toy to be bought in the aisle of a store, that is the scene that the creatives of the toy industry have tried to promote for years in the world. However, the 21st century arrived loaded with technology and new forms of entertainment that are capturing the attention of its public.

Not to die in the new era is the mission of the companies located in this segment of the economy, whose sales exceed US$10,000 million, as indicated by the 2021 financial reports delivered by the two largest in the world: Mattel and Hasbro.

Andrés Gómez, regional manager for Latin America at Hasbro, indicated that their brands are still very much in force and, in the case of Colombia, there is a great link with products such as Play Doh (educational plasticine), Nerf (darts) and their famous board games. , among which Monopoly, Guess Who, Twister and Jenga can be mentioned.

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