What has Fabián Ríos done in the 2 years he left TV

Fabian Rios, known mainly for his work as Albeiro Marín in “Without breasts there is no paradise”, is part of the new version of “Hasta que la plata nos separe” which will premiere on Telemundo on May 10. This soap opera marks the return of the Colombian actor to television after being away for two years.

Ríos has conquered the public thanks to his talent and charisma, which he has shown in several telenovelas such as “Floricienta” (2006), “Without breasts there is no paradise” (2008), “Land of kings” (2014), “Without breasts there is paradise” (2016-2018) and “100 days to fall in love”, where he made one of his last appearances in 2020. Since then, the interpreter has moved away from the small screen and paused his acting career.

However, Fabián Ríos has returned to television this 2022 as “El Dandy”, his new character in “Until money do us part”, telenovela starring Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Martínez. But why did the Colombian actor leave the small screen?

Fabián Ríos plays
Fabián Ríos plays “El Dandy”, a man who with his natural charm and gallant bearing fascinates all the women who cross his path (Photo: Telemundo)


Fabián Ríos stayed away from television for two years because he decided to be with his family during that time. The Colombian actor paused his career to focus on his children and his wife, actress Yuly Ferreira.

“I decided to be with my family for 2 years, I fulfilled them completely. 2 full years with them, playing with the children, enjoying those things that one misses when working,” said the Colombian actor in an interview with People en Español.

After this short break, Fabián Ríos returns to television with the new Telemundo production, “Until silver us separate”: “And thank God we were able to return in 2022 with a character that I had been waiting for a long time,” he added. .

Fabián Ríos plays
Fabián Ríos plays “El Dandy” in the new version of “Until silver separates us” (Photo: Telemundo)


Fabián Ríos plays “El Dandy” in the new version of “Hasta que la plata nos separe”. He is a man who, with his natural charm and gallant bearing, fascinates all the women who cross his path.

“He is a spectacular character that I am enjoying as a child and I hope you like him when you see him in Hasta que la plata nos separe”, said the 41-year-old interpreter, remembered for his work as Albeiro Marín in “Without breasts there is paradise ”.

“El Dandy” is part of the sales team at Ramenautos, the car dealership led by Alejandra Maldonado (Carmen Villalobos) and in which the main plots of this original story by Fernando Gaitán will take place.

According to Telemundo’s synopsis, the character of Fabián Ríos is characterized by being very attentive to his clients, especially women, whom he consents to. He is on a first-name basis with everyone, he is cheerful and funny; but deep down he is a lonely man who carries great bitterness in his heart for having been cheated on by the woman he fell in love with.

Fabián Ríos returns to share a cast in this comedy with Carmen Villalobos, Gregorio Pernía and Stephania Duque, actors with whom he also worked in “Sin senos si hay paradise”.

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