What is Alicia Machado looking for in a man?

Since he participated and won the reality show “the house of the famous”, Alicia Machado has seen its popularity take off again in the media and on the social media because it has gained a significant number of fans.

Although success smiles on her on the one hand, not everything is rosy for the Venezuelan actress and model, since in the sentimental aspect she is not doing very well, although she does not close the possibilities of reopening her heart.

The last known relationship of Machado is the one he had with Robert Roman in the Telemundo reality show. Unfortunately, that love did not last long once the program ended.

That is why she now speaks without any problem about what she wants in a man and the opportunities she wants to have despite the fact that she has a 13-year-old daughter who will always be her priority.

The Venezuelan acknowledged that she wants to start a new love stage in her life (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)
The Venezuelan acknowledged that she wants to start a new love stage in her life (Photo: Alicia Machado / Instagram)


The former beauty queen, in an interview with La Opinion, applauded that single mothers, like her, try to get some appointments through the applications that exist for cell phones, as it is a way to contact people you did not know before.

In the same way, she had no problem admitting that she loves these applications and that she wants to rebuild her life at any moment.

“It seems very good to me and many doubt it a lot. I have a 13-year-old daughter and I want the opportunity to rebuild my romantic life. I love dating apps, especially Spark, because I can meet partners who share my values ​​and culture”indicated

In addition, he pointed out that he is clear that he must look for a partner because his daughter, sooner or later, will have a family and will leave it to go his own way.

“In these last 13 years my daughter has seen me in only two relationships and always keeping a certain distance. However, I don’t want to be alone either because I know that she will one day have a family of her own.”he added.


Although in the interview she does not mention if she is looking for a specific pattern in a man, Alicia Machado revealed that she does not want anyone in her environment and prefers to meet people with different professions.

“I don’t like going out with my colleagues and people from the art world because they are very absorbing careers and I like that my man comes from a different environment, so we have something that makes us independent”, he added.

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