Take a deep breath before seeing what José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez looked like 30 years ago

Jose Luis El Puma Rodriguez, is one of the artists who has transcended borders and has been able to join the generation of technology. On his Instagram account, he usually surprises with ads or old images from when he was just starting to make his musical weapons. Recently, the singer surprised his virtual fandom by posting a photo of his courtship with model Carolina Pérez in the ’90s, prior to his marriage in 1996.

The Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez who currently looks good at 79 years old is one of the ambassadors of Latin music worldwide. Although he has been away from the industry for a while, because he has taken a break to enjoy everything he has harvested in recent years, he is still very active on the network.

The Puma Y Carolina they live happily and peacefully, above all, in their mansion in Miami. Far from thinking about retirement, the Venezuelan maintains contact with his fans through his Instagram account, where he already has more than 365,000 followers from all over the world, to whom he shares photos of his work, trips, moments in family and also their best hits.

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The photo of the happy marriage, 30 years ago, when Jose Luis Rodriguez He was 49, accompanied by “A #TBT of lovers”, written by El Puma Rodríguez on Instagram and attached to the caption a photo of him and his girlfriend at that time before reaching the altar years later.

This love represented in the Instagram photo posted by the interpreter of “Hold hands” was sealed with the arrival of Génesis Rodríguez, who is currently 34 years old and is an actress. She is also the involuntary responsible for whom her other family has broken relations with the singer.

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