Moon Jae-in calls for restarting dialogue with Pyongyang

South Korea’s outgoing president, who will be succeeded by Yoon Suk-yeol, delivered his farewell address, calling for peace as a prerequisite for prosperity.

The South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, asked to reactivate the dialogue with North Korea in his farewell speech delivered this Monday (05.09.2022) on the eve of the change in the head of state of the Asian country, which will fall from Tuesday to conservative Yoon Suk-yeol, who has vowed to be less tolerant of Pyongyang.

“Peace is a requirement for our survival, a requirement for prosperity,” Moon said during a speech at the Blue House, the South Korean presidential residence in Seoul.

“I sincerely hope that efforts for denuclearization and institutionalization of peace will continue with the resumption of dialogue between the South and the North,” he added.

Moon praised his work in facilitating dialogue with Pyongyang during his five-year term.

The president said he helped transform “a prewar crisis on the Korean peninsula,” referring to the exchange of threats of attacks between Pyongyang and Washington in 2017, into “a phase of dialogue” the following year.

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Moon’s role as mediator was key to getting North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and then-US President Donald Trump to hold a series of historic summits in 2018.

Moon himself in turn held three other historic summits with Kim in which important rapprochements were achieved.

However, the failure of the dialogue on disarmament between Pyongyang and Washington in 2019 has ended up causing the regime to break contacts with the US and its neighbor to the South.

To this dynamic has been added the pandemic, which keeps North Korea completely isolated from the outside and without a vaccination plan, and a weapons modernization plan approved in 2021 by the Workers’ Party that is providing a record number of missile tests. by the regime.

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