Magaly Medina criticizes Janet Barboza for saying that she was a victim of infidelity and reminds her of an affair with a former TV manager

The ‘ampay’ to Aldo Miyashiro continues to bring tail and this Wednesday different characters from the local show spoke about this fact, including Janet Barboza, however, for Magaly Medina, the “Rulitos” is not the right person to defend victims of infidelity.

The producer of that program does not know Janet Barboza’s history, it should be reminded, because I think she is not the right person to talk about infidelity. She is in the same boat as (Christian) Dominguez. I think she could talk to us about the other side”, pointed out the ‘Urraca’ at the beginning of his program.

True to her style, the presenter “Magaly TV: La Firme” reminded the host of “América Hoy” of the love scandal in which she was the protagonist in 2005 after announcing her relationship with Federico Anchorena.

He revealed to Peru and the world in January that he had a six-year relationship with who was manager of Panamericana and ATV. Thus, overnight, she proclaimed him… in those six years he was publicly a married man with two children, he lived in his wife’s house”, attacked the ATV figure.

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Magaly Medina He also recalled that, at that time, the former manager, who was his friend for many years, never made Janet Barboza official, and on the contrary, in every way denied having had an affair with her.

“There are women that men have always denied, they already understand the frustration of this type of women who are on the other side, on the side of Fiorella Retiz and Fiorella Méndez, and the producer of América Hoy makes her speak of this very serious topic, of figures on your channel, I think the public knows how to recognize, has memory”, he narrowed down.

The television hosts were the protagonists of a scandal for alleged infidelity. This incident caused several users to publish clever and funny memes on social networks.