8 Big Reveals From “Cobra Kai” Season 5 Trailer

The fans of “cobra kai” Y “karate Kid” They will not have to wait too long for the continuation of the martial arts saga, as season 5 will arrive on the streaming platform less than a year after the premiere of installment 4. The franchise that has Daniel LaRusso as the main protagonist, it has already unveiled its trailer for the recent season and several incomplete plots from the last stage will continue their course, although there will also be unexpected turns.

As you remember, throughout its ten episodes, season 4 of “Cobra Kai” gathered all its main stories around the All Valley Karate Tournament. However, the results of the competition were not the best for the main characters of the series. Sam lost his match against Tory, Robby had to watch Kenny go the wrong way, the Cobra Kai dojo was the overall champion, and Miguel dropped out of the tournament and went to Mexico to find his father.

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With the presentation of the trailer for season 5, it is confirmed that these plots are important elements for the next chapter of the saga, since the preview focused largely on how Terry Silver is expanding “Cobra Kai” and the search for Miguel by Johnny. In addition to the already-expected plotlines like Daniel and Chozen teaming up against Silver, the trailer also revealed some interesting twists like Robby’s role in Season 5.

Here are the 8 big reveals from the “Cobra Kai” season 5 trailer.


Kreese is nowhere to be seen.

For a character who has been the main villain of “Cobra Kai” since season 2, it is remarkable that John Kreese does not appear in the trailer for season 5, except for the summary. However, after the events of season 4, in which Kreese went to jail, the character will likely take a backseat during season 5.

Miyagi-do is closed

Daniel and Johnny’s bet with Kreese involved the loser quitting teaching karate. Still, after Cobra Kai’s victory at All Valley, Daniel mentioned in front of Mr. Miyagi’s tombstone that he couldn’t honor the deal he made with his rival. However, the trailer for “Cobra Kai” season 5 reveals that Daniel did indeed shut down Miyagi-Do, at least publicly.

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Larusso closes Miyagi-Do.  Will it really be so?  (Photo: Netflix)
Larusso closes Miyagi-Do. Will it really be so? (Photo: Netflix)

Terry Silver’s “Cobra Kai” franchise has taken over the valley

30 years after “Karate Kid 3″, Terry Silver seems to have finally achieved his goal of taking over the valley with Cobra Kai karate. Following his team’s victory in the tournament, Silver appears to be investing heavily in new Cobra Kai dojos in the region, all with top-tier structures and backed by a strong marketing campaign. If there’s one thing Silver knows how to do, it’s create a successful business, even if it’s based on toxic waste disposal, and it will be hard for Daniel to take on the power and money of his old enemy.

Silver begins to take over the entire city with his dojo (Photo: Netflix)
Silver begins to take over the entire city with his dojo (Photo: Netflix)

Daniel and Chozen work together

It was already known that Daniel and Chozen would be teaming up, but the trailer for “Cobra Kai” season 5 offers a better idea of ​​how exactly it will happen. At no point is Chozen shown to be a sensei to any of Daniel’s students, but the former “Karate Kid 2″ villain at least backs up Daniel in his matchup against Silver.

Silver is repeating her Quicksilver method with Tory.

The trailer also recalls Terry Silver’s original role in “Karate Kid 3″. The trailer quickly switches between a flashback of Silver teaching Daniel the Quicksilver method to a scene from Season 5 with Tory learning the same thing. During some moments in season 4, Silver had already recited the karate postulates on him, but it seems that now he is teaching the Karate Kid 3 Quicksilver method to a student.

Robby goes to Mexico with Johnny

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the season trailer is the reveal that Robby is headed to Mexico along with Johnny. The season 4 finale of “Cobra Kai” saw Robby trying to make a fresh start with his father, and now this will carry over to season 5.

Robby goes to Mexico accompanied by Johnny (Photo: Netflix)
Robby goes to Mexico accompanied by Johnny (Photo: Netflix)

Tory is not happy with her victory

The trailer also shows Tory looking at her All-Valley trophy with a sad look. At the end of “Cobra Kai” season 4, Tory found out that Terry Silver had bought the referee for the tournament, taking away much of his victory against Sam.

Miguel and Robby fight their way home.

A great rematch is coming: Miguel vs. robby. This will be the first time since the school fight that Robby and Miguel will face each other, and once again, it won’t be because of tournament rules. The most curious thing is that the fight between Robby and Miguel that is shown in the trailer is happening in front of Miguel’s apartment in Reseda.