The forceful response that Ana Bárbara gave when asked if she regrets something

Mexican singer and songwriter Ana Barbara He has had a career of ups and downs, like most artists. In addition, she has been involved in some scandals of hers during all the years of her life, which have marked her in a positive and negative way.

Recently, in an interview with the program “the sun rises” with Talina Fernandezthe regional singer was asked about some things that have happened in her life, which she answered without any program.

The specific question was if he regretted something that had happened to him and Ana Bárbara’s answer was blunt, surprising all of Mexico.

The Mexican singer gave a curious answer in an interview (Photo: Ana Bárbara / Instagram)
The Mexican singer gave a curious answer in an interview (Photo: Ana Bárbara / Instagram)


After having been crying for some questions, Talina Fernandez She told her to stop her tears, because they would move on to a new question, in which she herself was going to provide an interpretation of everything she had had to live through.

Ana Bárbara, without thinking twice, indicated that she does not regret anything in her life, since she considers that everything has brought her good consequences in the end.

“I regret nothing, even the scandal that was marrying ‘Pirru’, even from that I have wonderful consequences”commented the artist.

His response has generated different opinions among the population. However, her fans have supported her and they consider that this is fine, because one should not look back, but forward.


At a press conference with the Bronco Groupthe singer Ana Bárbara was answering several questions about her next presentation at the National Auditorium from Mexico. Furthermore, she was also questioned about the engagement rings that she has received over the years.

It was there that, laughing, the 51-year-old artist acknowledged that she had received a total of 3 rings, leaving many surprised and others satisfied because many wanted to know that information about their favorite artist.

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