The time Lis Vega was kidnapped in Mexico

Citizen violence and violence against women is a constant in all societies. Be Mexican, American or European. Lis Vega, the Cuban actress and vedette, brand new addition to the third season of “The stars dance today” -reality show of the morning magazine Todayfrom Televisa-, who recalled the occasion in which he was the victim of a kidnapping on the way in the same Mexican capital.

The actress who participated in “Amorcito corazón” and today is a celebrity on Instagram, where she has more than a million followers, joined the cast of stars who will dance to keep the title of the flagship magazine of the channel of San Angel.

Precisely when she left the studios, she was approached by the entertainment media, who asked her, among other things, what she thought about the wave of violence that has been plaguing Mexican society, and that has women as the most usual target. . According to studies, Mexico City is the most insecure city for a woman.

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The Mexican nationalized Cuban dancer declared that no one in the world is exempt from acts of violence and even recalled that she went through moments of anguish 16 years ago when she was the victim of an express kidnapping in the streets of the Mexican capital.

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“I was kidnapped in 2006. An express robbery with kidnapping and they took me out of my Hummer and threw me in Tlalpan”asserted Lis Vega, who now prefers to remember this experience as a lesson beyond the fact that at the time she had the scare of her life.

“Almost 10 hours (I was kidnapped) was horrible, with a gun to my head, but thank God I’m alive and that’s what matters. We all have experiences in different ways and it’s not what happens to you, but how you survive it and get up. While you are alive, you have to let go, heal and move on. We can live with the death of beings we love, of our parents, imagine how you are not going to live with the experiences that you have to live”commented to the camera of the journalist Eden Dorantes.

The Cuban created her Only Fans account during the pandemic quarantine, but has now closed it (Photo: Lis Vega / Instagram)
The Cuban created her Only Fans account during the pandemic quarantine, but has now closed it (Photo: Lis Vega / Instagram)


The Cuban celebrity has been in the eye of the hurricane for her aesthetic changes, being criticized, singled out and compared to her past self. Vega assures that he is happy like this, but regrets that instead of being happy for her, they judge her and even add surgeries to her.

“My career has been impeccable, what I do with my body is my problem. There is no respect, there is no longer tolerance or love for the decisions of others, I love my pouty lips, I am brunette, I gained 10 pounds, I look voluptuous but that thing about a million surgeries, not even if it was Kim Kardashian , Oh my God!”He commented in an interview with TV y Novelas.