Islamic State claims responsibility for attack that left 11 dead in Egypt

They attacked a water pumping station in West Sinai and the clashes killed one officer and ten soldiers.

The Islamic State (EI) terrorist group claimed responsibility this Sunday (05.08.2022) for the attack in the west of the conflictive Egyptian Sinai peninsula, which on Saturday resulted in the death of 11 soldiers, according to the authorities, in one of the worst attacks against security forces in recent years in Egypt.

“The soldiers of the caliphate launched an attack against positions of the apostate Egyptian army in the south of the city of Bear al Abd (…) causing the death of 17 troops,” the IS raised in a statement released through the network of Telegram messaging.

According to the note, yesterday’s attack against this town located in the extreme west of Sinai was perpetrated with “light and medium weapons”, and the extremists confiscated “all the rifles” of the Egyptian military and “took control of their positions”, which they “set on fire” after looting them.

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“The wheel of jihadism will continue in Sinai, God willing,” the organization threatened.

Despite the fact that the IS raised the death toll to 17, according to the official version, the radicals attacked a water pumping station in western Sinai and the clashes caused the death of an officer and ten soldiers, as well as wounding five. persons.

Bear al Abd was the scene of an attack in November 2017 in which 305 people were killed at the Al Rauda mosque by gunmen who opened fire on worshipers, in the deadliest attack in Egypt’s recent history.

The Egyptian security forces have been carrying out a campaign against terrorism in the center and north of the region since February 2018, where strong radical groups have been formed, including the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State, the so-called Wilayat Sina.

The information provided by the Egyptian Army is the only official one about its operations in the north and center of Sinai against extremist groups, an area whose access is prohibited to the press and to which it is prohibited to obtain independent information on military operations outside of that given by the authorities.

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