The difference in income between men and women is equivalent to twice the world’s GDP

Do you think that the salary difference between men and women has no impact? The World Bank estimated that this inequity is calculated at 172.3 billion dollars or the equivalent of twice the world’s GDP. However, this figure is not surprising considering that in 86 countries women face employment restrictions.

for the economist Monica Orozcodirector of GENDERS ACthe problem goes back to two fundamental aspects: the unequal distribution of unpaid domestic work (women spend 2.5 times more time than men, according to UN Women), as well as the lack of services and policies focused on care.

It is estimated that 2.4 billion women of working age do not have equal economic opportunities compared to menwhich means that, on average, they access only three quarters of the recognized rights, according to the Report: “Women, Business and Law 2022”, prepared by the World Bank.

Globally, 178 countries continue to have legal barriers that prevent women from fully participating in the economy. For example, in Mexico, the fact that society and laws do not recognize the joint responsibility in care work between male and female workers ensures for them a greater burden of unpaid work and less availability of time.

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“Until very recently, the provision of childcare by Social Security was only guaranteed for female workers as if men had no responsibility for childcare. So this design of Social Security benefits makes the burden of this type of policies falls on women,” Orozco assured in an interview for Forbes Mexico.

According to the same report, 95 countries do not guarantee equal pay for a position. For the economist, who works as a researcher and activist on gender equality issues, the problem around unpaid work is even more urgent than the application of a law that guarantees equal pay.

“The problem of the wage gap requires not only a provision in terms of wages, but also accompanying it with actions that guarantee more equal conditions, since many women have to comply with work hours and physical care that leave them in unequal conditions,” he added.

Among the factors that influence women to choose a part-time job, the compatibility between a working life and their care work stands out. However, these types of positions do not always ensure access to social security, pension, housing loans, among other benefits.

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Given this, recognizing the same care responsibility between women and men is an important point within companies through actions such as child care passes, the installation of child care services within their facilities, as well as action protocols against gender violence.

In the public sector, the expert assures that a care service that covers small children, the elderly and people with disabilities, as well as schools with extended or full-time hours, would be essential for the professional life of women, since they are normally jobs that fall to them.

At the momentthere are 55 economies in which the public sector provides child care services, however, 80% do not ensure free access.

“The care services that we currently have are accessible to people with greater resources. However, the design of a care system must also consider financial accessibility for those who cannot pay or even free of charge,” the expert pointed out. .

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