The time Daddy Yankee starred in a movie

daddy yankee He has made millions of people dance around the world since his career in the urban genre took off, so the announcement of his retirement after a last album and a tour has made a deep impression on his fans, who will miss his songs that became top chart leaders.

Over the last few weeks, some passages in the singer’s musical career have been remembered, but it must be borne in mind that music is not the only talent he has, but he has ventured into acting in some productions, including a film in which he played the main character.


In 2008 a movie was released called “Neighborhood talent”, in which the reggaeton singer gave life to Edgarthe main character in a story of crime and musical art.

Edgar was a member of a gang in Puerto Rico who also had a great talent for singing, so at one point in his life he is between a rock and a hard place, since he doesn’t know which path to choose for the rest of his life.

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After receiving advice from his girlfriend, he chooses to dedicate himself to music, but as time progresses he returns to his neighborhood due to some problems that were happening there.

When his career was at its best, Edgar has a tragic and unexpected end.

Daddy Yankee was the protagonist of a movie called "Talento de barrio"
Daddy Yankee was the protagonist of a movie called “Talento de barrio”


  • Daddy Yankee as Edgar.
  • Teacher like Jayko.
  • Katiria Soto as Soribel.
  • Cesar “TNT” Farrait as Wichy.
  • Angelica Warden as Natasha
  • Norma Colón as Dona Ester
  • Norman Santiago as Matias
  • Rafael Acevedo as Gonzalez.
  • Welmor as Leo
  • King Pirin as Javier.
  • Pepe Fuentes as Don Joaquin.
  • Saa Acagar as Poop.
  • Gringo as Angelo
  • Volt as Volt.
  • Eddie Avila as Eddie Dee.
  • Glory as Tata.
  • Zojaira Martinez as Ana.


It has been more than three decades of hard work and sacrifice, which, although it has been rewarding, has also been exhausting. For this reason, the artist has decided to put an end to enjoying all the fruit of his efforts over the next few years.

“This race, which has been a marathon, I finally see the finish line. Now I am going to enjoy with all of you what you have given me, what you have given me […] I leave with the greatest gratitude, to my audience, my colleagues, all the producers, radio, press and television”commented ‘The boss’.

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