How to be a mother and businesswoman without dying trying? Arantxa Gómez tells us

What is the meaning of your name?
The theme of the name is a bit of how the mother is always looking for the best for her children, one can take several things but when you talk about the health of your children you look for the best option, it is the maternal thing that she embraces.

As a mom, why did this brand catch your attention?
Precisely because of how it is constructed, the brand ethic is something very unique. Being able to participate in a project that makes a difference in health is part of what Alejandro is looking for in his clinic. It caught my attention that Matter truly brings about a change in the health of Mexicans and not only focuses on presenting one more brand of the 400 that exist of supplements in Mexico.

What has been the biggest challenge you have had in the world of work?
Give place to priorities. We are very accustomed to routine, time is basically divided between you and your social circle, but when you have children it is just the point of looking for certain spaces to be able to carry out these two important activities. There are times when I am in line at school to pick up my son and I am taking meetings over the phone. I think that being a mother makes you focus more, since you have to go at a faster speed, your time is so limited that you use the spaces with more organization.

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