José Luis Losa, what the winner of Survivors and Masterchef finalist died of

José Luis Sosa was one of the most beloved characters on Spanish television, being one of the most popular winners of the reality show. survivors and arriving at the final of masterchef.

However, the wide smile of the Spaniard was extinguished recently, when the police confirmed Sosa’s deathwho was found dead in his home Munera, a town in the province of Albacete, in Spain.

So far it has not been possible to establish the causes of his death, but the reality character’s family has asked that there be no speculation about his departure and that they respect his loss.

José Luis Losa, the winner of Survivors 2017 and former MasterChef contestant, dies
José Luis Losa, the winner of Survivors 2017 and former MasterChef contestant, dies


During the last edition of “Saturday Deluxe”, the program interrupted its normal broadcast to announce the tragic event and pay its respects for the departure of the character.

“There is tremendous consternation”, was the comment of the director of the Albacete Digital Newspaper, Javier Romero, in conversation with the Telecinco program.

It is the second blow to the chef’s family, who last February suffered the loss of his wife, from whom, according to some close people, he would not have recovered.

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A few weeks ago, José Luis even reappeared on Telecinco to remember his partner and acknowledge that his departure is still costing him. “Life is very hard, when I get home I sink whole,” he confessed.

“How much I have loved you and will love you, how unfair. I love you and I will always love you ”, José Luis Sosa said goodbye to his wife.

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