El Salvador exceeds 26,200 arrests under the exceptional regime

San Salvador, May 8 (Latest) .- The authorities of El Salvador exceeded 26,200 arrests of alleged gang members under the exceptional regime approved by Congress at the end of March, according to the National Civil Police (PNC) reported this Sunday.

“With the 501 terrorists (gang members) captured on Saturday, May 7, we have exceeded 26,000 arrests since the #GuerraContraGangs began,” the institution published on its social networks.

With the arrests on Saturday, according to the PNC, the total figure reached 26,291, while the security body has indicated that the arrests continued today.

The Minister of Security, Gustavo Villatoro, reported on Twitter about the arrest of Boris Cienfuegos, an alleged Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) gang member and “international drug trafficker.”

“Cienfuegos had control of the drugs, vehicles and properties of the Hollywood Locos Salvatruchos clique (cell), he was also in charge of drug contacts and deals, so he constantly traveled to the United States,” Villatoro said.

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The Government of Nayib Bukele requested the emergency regime from Congress after an escalation of murders that claimed the lives of 87 people.

The Legislative body, with a pro-government majority, gave the go-ahead and at the end of April approved a 30-day extension of the suspension of constitutional guarantees.

These special powers given to the Executive of Bukele suspend the rights to organization, assembly, inviolability of correspondence and telecommunications, defense and extend administrative detention up to a maximum of 15 days.

In this framework, five humanitarian organizations have received at least 338 complaints of human rights violations during the first month under the emergency regime.

The organizations indicated last week in a press release that “most of them are cases of arbitrary arrests by the National Civil Police.”

“The violation that they have denounced the most is arbitrary detention, representing in some organizations even more than 70% of cases received, followed by home invasion, injuries, robbery and even the death of a detained person, as reported by Cristosal,” they pointed out.

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They added that “among the reported perpetrators are also members of the Armed Forces, despite the fact that they do not have the constitutional power to carry out public security tasks.”

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