From cookie entrepreneur to business coach and mentor

From owner of a cookie company to direct supplier of multinationals such as Starbucks and McDonald’s. This was the career path of Fabiana Mejalelaty until one day he left everything to help others achieve their professional goals: to be able to achieve a promotion, become independent or even design their own company. This task is carried out today under the umbrella of AlumbraLabhis venture that in 2021 billed $ 6 million and for this year estimates double.

“This project was developing little by little, as I was making the decision to sell the cookie company. In my factory office, I began having mentoring sessions with people who, for the most part, knew and trusted me. Then I volunteered at a foundation to coachear ad honoren a emprendedoreswork that I also replicated with students from the University of San Andrés (UdeSA), where I am currently Director of an Executive Education program. This is how I forged my confidence, refining my proposal and validating the need to help others to achieve their goals,” says this graduate in Economics who has an MBA from the University of Chicago and is also an Ontological Coach and NLP Practitioner.

“Once the company was sold 100%, I started some additional training programs such as the MIT Innovation Bootcamp and, in parallel, I continued adding clients thanks to word of mouth. At the time I decided that this was the way to go and I put together a strategic plan on how to achieve my goals in 12 months. At the end of 2019 I started a blog where I shared my way of seeing and thinking about business and at the beginning of 2020 I launched my website with the capital from the sale of my previous company. From there, I help launch, professionalize and scale businesses (Business Growth Coach) through online classes, ebooks and group and individual mentoring. This investment took about $ 300,000 plus 20% of the billing that entered“, specifies Mejalelaty, who has also just launched his book Life Design. Creation of your own business (Editorial Temas), a guide for those who wish to make a definitive leap in their lives, designing them to suit them, not only inviting each one to delve into where they are standing and where they would like to go, but also provides an infinite number of practical exercises that they function as a vehicle to pave that path.

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Asked about the billing levels with respect to her previous company, she replies that “being services, I have higher profitability. If I billed less, I would invest in the project until I achieve the billing I want, always adjusting my value proposition so that it is something that demand is willing to pay.

Despite all her background in management, business models and the economic equation and the mistakes that many entrepreneurs who fail make, the mentor recognizes that in the beginning she had to face several challenges. Among them, going from an idea to a website, launching the first products, letting go of perfectionism and relying on the phrase “better done than perfect”.

But, above all, letting go of the bombast of your “fantastic ideas” versus taking small, medium, large steps and moving forward.

“It is always easier to dream than to ground ideas and live with the limitations of reality. In fact, I dreamed of a page on a platform that would allow me to automate thousands of processes, but over time I learned that it automates most but not all. I also fantasized about devoting most of my time to producing content and publishing it. However, that was not possible because the great responsibility of entrepreneurs is always to sell”, emphasizes the economist.

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Overcome that instance, today it is occupied by other challenges. “Calming down my tendency to be a workaholic and making time for my affections and my friendships is one of them. Another, focus on my own strategies and dedicate time to them. For example, one of my objectives is to export and I know perfectly well the action plan that I must apply. But I don’t release my schedule to run it. Another of my goals is to be a speaker and I do not take actions to achieve it. When these things happen to me, I am very aware of them and look for resources that ‘force’ me to move forward. I plan to meet with a storytelling coach to work on my talks and with a consultant to help me export services. Basically, I see my shadows and seek to shed light on them“.

Its clients are entrepreneurs without business training but with the possibility of investing and growing in that world. “They are people who need to delegate and build structure, but also businessmen who are not happy in the workplace and want to start in another,” says Mejalelaty, who has fees ranging from US$100 to US$200 per hourdepending on the size of the project.

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Knowing that in Argentina it is very difficult to start a business or be an independent professional, and even more so if you don’t have the financial backing to do so, the professional contributes her vision: “I think there are two ways to start: one, financing the growth of the enterprise taking it as a part time job while it grows. And the other is to have the funds not only to support yourself as you grow, but also to generate the investments to attract customers. A start-up is similar to that plant we germinated in elementary school. Although we planted the seed at night and woke up the next morning anxious to see if it had already grown, we had to wait for the germination process to water it every day. That’s how to start. A process that requires watering daily. And the plant most likely blooms and grows. But for it to keep growing we’ll have to keep watering it and eventually transplant it.”

In addition to recommendations (word of mouth), the expert markets her services through Instagram, Google, LinkedIn campaigns and from UdeSa. In the future, he plans to invest around 20% of his turnover in a team that works side by side on commercial strategies, online advertising, press and sales..

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