“No one gives up here”: Messages found in bunkers built in Cuba during the Missile Crisis in the face of a possible US invasion

Archaeologists have found graffiti messages on Cuban bunkers from the Cold War era, saying there would be no surrender in the event of a US invasion during the 1962 Missile Crisis, reports LiveScience.

“Some of the inscriptions from the time of the missile crisis are very interesting, including one that says: ‘Nobody surrenders here,'” explained Odlanyer Hernández de Lara, a doctoral candidate in archeology at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. from Syracuse University (New York).

This is not the only inscription found on bunker walls by archaeologists, who continue to study and document them using the 3D photogrammetry method, a technique that consists of combining superimposed photographs to add more information to an image.

The messages found, possibly written by soldiers, have been described in new research, which was presented at the annual meeting of the Society for American Archeology (SAA), which was held in Chicago from March 30 to November 3. april.

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