The disease that Nadia Ferreira suffers and that was detected when she was just a girl

Without fear of being wrong, we could say that Nadia Ferrera is at its best. His career as a model exploded after finishing second in the miss Universe in 2021 and her heart beats a thousand per hour due to her relationship with the salsero Mark Anthonywho is 31 years older than her.

Despite all the success that Marc Anthony’s girlfriend is currently achieving, it is important to note that this was not always the case, since there was a time when everything was uphill for her due to a very complex health problem and that It affected her when she was just a child, worrying her parents a lot.

Although all this is in the past and today she is in good health, it is important to know a little about the history of the Miss Paraguaymainly his loyal followers, who are always looking to learn more about their favorite artists or celebrities.

Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira confirmed their relationship in March 2022 (Photo: Marc Anthony / Instagram)
Marc Anthony and Nadia Ferreira confirmed their relationship in March 2022 (Photo: Marc Anthony / Instagram)


When the Paraguayan was only 10 years old, she began to feel some complications in her physical condition that led her directly to the doctors. Seeing that she had lost her vision and hearing, the doctors, at first, believed that it was multiple sclerosis.

However, thanks to a second opinion in Argentina, it became known that what he was actually suffering from was the Susan’s syndromea disease that caused the then girl to lose her vision and hearing on the left side for approximately 18 months.


Nadia Ferreira, at the age of 10, began to feel very strong headaches and intense dizziness, setting off her alarms, as well as those of her parents, who took her to the doctors in order to get the correct diagnosis.

In a series of past interviews, she acknowledged that she was unwell and, as we reported above, she lost her vision and her left ear for many months, a traumatic experience for a girl.


Nadia Ferrera, of Paraguayan nationality, was born on May 10, 1999 and is about to turn 23. She was Miss Universe 2021 and managed to be among the three finalists. During her presentation at the beauty pageant, she shared hard moments of her childhood, as she suffered from congenital torticollis, for which she was operated on when she was only eight months old and years later she partially lost her hearing, her sight and her ability to move.

However, nothing managed to bring her down, as this prompted her to move forward and today her health is stable. Her example of struggle, in addition to her beauty and charisma, led her to be the image of big brands and be the cover of renowned magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and L’Officiel. Additionally, she has modeled on major catwalks such as New York Fashion Week, Milan, and Paris.

Currently moved to the Mexico City in order to expand her career in the world of modeling, but she also finds time for other activities, since she leads the organization NF, which provides support to women who suffer domestic violence, encouraging them to continue with their lives and learn to develop by themselves.

The Paraguayan is about to turn 23 years old (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)
The Paraguayan is about to turn 23 years old (Photo: Nadia Ferreira / Instagram)
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