Nine out of ten women experienced symbolic violence

The consultancy Grow chose to bring to the fore during 2022 the various situations of symbolic violence that feminized identities experience at each stage of their lives and in all areas, to stop naturalizing them, and promote a society free of violence. These situations operate in an “invisible” way, in the form of stereotypes, expectations and roles; and the messages they receive condition professions, demand certain bodies, mark what a woman can and should do.

grow carried forward an online survey to find out what people’s experience is regarding this type of violence, both in their study spaces and in job interviews. At the end of March, the survey had been answered by 638 women, 167 men and 32 of other gender identities.

Georgina Sticcoco-founder and director of Grow, believes regarding the preliminary findings of this first survey that: “Symbolic violence crosses our lives. Every day we hear messages that tell us, in one way or another, how we are expected to behave from a gender perspective. Talking about this influence and the responsibilities we have as institutions allows us to understand what we can do to transform society”.

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In turn, the organization plans a second survey, to be carried out in August with the aim of showing new data by November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

9 out of 10 women responded having experienced symbolic violence. In the case of men, 5 out of 10 responded the same.

While studying, 82% of women heard comments related to their careers and their gender. Examples: that the career or the environment was not suitable for them, that women do not have strength, etc. The same happened to 93% of people of other gender identities and 62% of men.

4 out of 10 women have heard that “women cannot lead certain work groups because they are more sentimental”.

-29% of women were told that their chosen career would not allow them to reconcile work with family life. Only 16% of men had the same thing happen to them.

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-46% of women were asked in a job interview about their family plans. This happened to men and people of other gender identities in 25% in each case.

Grow investigates, raises awareness and advises organizations on the comprehensive approach to the gender perspective, both in work spaces and in the products and services they make. Its mission is to promote equal opportunities for all people, proposing policies and programs that ensure better access to growth opportunities in the workplace. Its clients include firms of the stature of Kimberly-Clark, Mercado Libre, Google Cloud, Bumeran, SAP, Puma, Cargill, Pan American Energy, YPF, Uber, Argentina and Chile, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), HSBC , Komatsu Mistui, Maccan Market, Arcelor Mittal, Media Chicas, Disney, Furlong Fox, Saint Gobain, Loma Negra, Banco Ciudad, La Nación Foundation, Tournaments, UFLO University, SAGAI Foundation,, Techo, Argentine Institute of Petroleum and Gas, among others.

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