5 out of 10 households prefer to cook at home to celebrate May 10

In the upcoming celebration of Mother’s Day on May 10, 53% of Mexican families plan to organize a meal in their homes, according to a Kantar survey.

“Most households prefer to celebrate at home on May 10, either to continue taking care of themselves or to be comfortable and in some way, take care of their spending,” said Stephanie Del Razo, Manager of Special Studies of the Worldpanel Division of Kantar Mexico. .

While 32% declared that they will celebrate the occasion in an establishment, only 5% more, compared to the previous year, which reached 27%.

In terms of gifts, 23% will give flowers; 18% sweets and chocolates and 17% handmade details.

Also the option of giving clothes is present in 16% of families; as well as lotions, perfumes or creams. Otherwise, only 3% plan to give away appliances.

With the same percentage, we find Mexicans who want to give an experience and in this category there are also those who plan to serenade to celebrate.

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“Without a doubt there is a world of options to enjoy this day, so there is still time to look for that perfect gift to celebrate,” added Del Razo from Kantar Mexico.

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