George Clooney, how much is the fortune of the Hollywood actor

George Timothy Clooney He is one of the most recognized and successful actors in Hollywood, in addition to performing as producer and screenwriterand who recently celebrated his 61st birthday alongside his wife Amal Clooney.

His first appearance in 1978 in the miniseries “Centennial” and his role as Doctor Ross in “ER”, which earned him emmy awardsthey allowed the actor to make his foray into the cinema with tapes like “From Twilight to dawn” and “The Peacemaker”.

However, not everything was successful for George Clooneybecause he was also responsible for “batman and robin”, the most controversial version of the Gotham hero where fantasy and exaggerated humor ended up almost burying the character.

George Clooney in Syriana.  (Photo: Diffusion)
George Clooney in Syriana. (Photo: Diffusion)

Fortunately, Clooney managed to recover and star in films like An Unforgettable Day or the trilogy of Ocean’s Eleven (The big scam)

Even the two-time winner of the Oscar was, for a few years, one of the highest paid celebrities in the world.

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Being one of the highest-paid celebrities in Hollywood has brought a great fortune to the American actor, who has combined his work on the big screen with production and directing activities.

Although the exact amount of his estate is unknown, it is estimated that George Clooney’s fortune is between 250 and 500 million dollars.

In 2017, the actor was even ranked second in the Top 100 of Forbes’ annual list of the highest-paid celebrities on the planet.

The prestigious magazine also added that the position occupied by the artist is due to the sale of the “Casamigos” tequila company, with which he would have obtained 239 million dollars.

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