Fred Savage: why he was fired from the remake of “The Wonder Years”

“The wonderful years” was one of the most important series in the history of television, which came to several countries in different languages. Therefore, the remake of the ABC production It promised to be just as successful as the original version.

As you recall, in July 2020, while the world was facing the COVID-19 pandemic, ABC confirmed that they were working on a new version of the series, starring Elisha “EJ” Williams and developed by Saladin K. Patterson.

This production, now focused on a group of middle-class Afro-descendants from Alabama at the end of the 1960s, would have the support of fred savagethe one in charge of giving life to Kevin Arnoldthe protagonist of the original version.

Fred Savage is Kevin Arnold in 'The Wonder Years' (Photo: ABC)
Fred Savage is Kevin Arnold in ‘The Wonder Years’ (Photo: ABC)


However, and even before its premiere, the series has already brought its first drawbacks, since recently the specialized media Variety has reported that fred savagewho worked as an actor and producer, was separated.

Although the exact reasons that led to Savage’s separation have not been established, several employees filed complaints about his conduct on set, which they defined as “inappropriate”.

For this reason, Disney, the company that owns ABC, made the decision to separate the actor, which they announced in a statement. “Recently, we were made aware of a number of inappropriate behaviors by fred savageConsequently, an investigation was launched in this regard. Once this process was completed, the decision was to culminate in his role as executive producer and director of The Wonder Years“, it reads.


It is not the first time that the actor has been in controversy, since in 2018 his partner Monique Long, who was a costume designer, accused him of inappropriate touching.

The complaint, which included Jason Harvey (Kevin Arnold’s brother in fiction), did not prosper in part due to the intervention of Alley Mills (the protagonist’s mother in the story), who defended the actor.

A similar case would be experienced by Younjoo Hwang, a locker room team worker, who accused him of having a aggressive attitude and constantly insulting workers.

“I have worked in the entertainment industry all my life and have always striven to treat everyone on set with respect and professionalism,” Savage defended himself, who was released from charges after an investigation by Century Fox Television.

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