Violeta Isfel: who is Omar, the son of the actress who follows in his footsteps

Violet Isfel is one of the most popular actresses in Mexicoin addition to a prosperous businesswoman what did he achieve get ahead with his son Omarwho now brings him great joy.

And it is that the actress, who in 2020 caused a sensation with a hamburger business with whom she faced the COVID-19 pandemic, has shown herself to be a strong woman by choosing to be single motherafter the differences with his ex-partner, who suffered from alcoholism.

For this reason, her 18-year-old son has been more than grateful to his mother, whom he recognizes as his greatest support and, currently, his professional role model.

Violeta Isfel was happy to perform with her son.  (Photo: Twitter)
Violeta Isfel was happy to perform with her son. (Photo: Twitter)

Recently, the actress of “Dare to dream” shared on her social networks that she is participating in a new project that will include her son Omar, with whom she will share recordings for the first time.

“I love you son. What a joy to be able to work together in what we love to do”, was the message of the actress along with a group of photographs that show them from the recording set.

In the publication, the 36-year-old actress also thanked Aminta Uribe, her representative and support in the new project that she will lead with her son.

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Omar is the son of actress Violeta Isfel and Rommel Ramirezthe ex-partner of the actress, who separated due to her problems with alcohol.

Due to this, the now artist and influencer grew up with the guidance of her mother, who accompanied her on the recordings of “Dare to dream” (2009) or “Because love rules” (2012), also having his first approach to the cameras.

For many years, the actress has shared moments in her son’s life, such as his graduation, sports activities or his visits to the Aztec stadium to see the America clubof which they are fans.

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