Mauricio Ochmann lives his best moment next to his daughters and his girlfriend

Openness in their conversations and being allies, understood Mauricio, they make the moments he shares with the teenager more bearable, who, as happened to all of us, also has his moments of rebellion; but with love everything is possible to overcome, without damaging the dynamics.

“She already has her boyfriend, everything is going very well…”, she revealed Ochmann, who accepted that for him, the most important thing is to see his two daughters happy, and that is one of his greatest motivations to get ahead. The fact that he is also in a very good moment personally, with his one-year courtship with Paulina Burrolahelp.

Mauricio Ochmann and Paulina Burrola
Mauricio Ochmann and Paulina Burrola have been in a relationship for a year.

The most important thing for the protagonist of to bad is that so much Kailani y Lorenza find in him, in addition to a father, someone to trust, something he has achieved over the years: “The truth is that well, I am very calm, I have always wanted my daughters to feel confident, to feel the support and love from his dad.”

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In that field, that of being a father, Mauricio He has said on several occasions that he is in the best shape and enjoys the company of his two princesses, who have given him important life lessons. To this is added that he has an excellent relationship with the mothers of the two.



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