After opening in the US and Italy, the Lucciano’s ice cream chain from Mar del Plata cut ribbons in Spain

Cookie, pistachio and dulce de leche ice cream. Passion fruit, lemon, mango, banana and chocolate popsicles. Lucciano’sthe Argentine artisanal ice cream parlor, boosts its international expansion with its landing in Spain after the opening of its first store in Barcelona.

The famous brand, founded by Daniel y Christian Oterofather and son in 2011 in the city of Mar del Plata, now has 59 points of sale in Argentina, two in Uruguay (Montevideo and Punta del Este), three in the United States (Orlando and New Jersey) and one in Rome, with which they began their expansion plan in Europe.

Last April, Lucciano’s opened its first store in Europe in Rome, a few meters from the Trevi Fountain, and in less than a month, the brand is already moving forward with its expansion plans in the Old Continent with this new opening in the Barcelona, since it plans to open more ice cream parlors in other Spanish cities such as Madrid and Malaga throughout this year.

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“Spain was the next step in the natural evolution of Lucciano’s business. We couldn’t continue our growth in any other country than this one,” said the brand’s founding partner, Christian Otero.

The Barcelona store is at number 17 Rambla Catalunya and is the first store that Lucciano’s opened in Spain: It has 18 employees.

The company was founded in 2011. Today, of the points of sale in Argentina, 40 of them are franchisees. In addition, it also sells its icepops in 250 retail points (service stations, countries, gourmet markets) and operates online through OrdensYa. In the midst of a pandemic, it began its international expansion.

ice cream chain Lucciano’s was born in Mar del PlataAfter an initial investment of US$ 300.000. “I have always been lucky enough to be able to travel a lot around the world, and within those trips I noticed that Many gastronomic items evolved, but the same did not happen with ice cream parlors. There were the big chains, with boring industrial and local products, and the single-owner ice cream parlors, which, in my opinion, needed to innovate, renovate their premises, etc. In short, improve the customer experience,” Christian Otero recalled to Forbes a couple of months ago.

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On December 19, 2020, Lucciano’s opened the first location abroadin The Florida Mall, en Orlando. “The owners of the two largest malls in the United States (American Dream and Mall of the Americas) told us that it was the best brand presentation they had ever seen landing in a new market. Those comments and planting Argentine flags around the world full of pride,” shared Otero.

In January of this year, he cut ribbons from a shop in Punta del Este inspired by Casa Pueblo, an icon of Esteño architecture, with artistic reminiscences of the painter Carlos Páez Vilaró.

But the expansion plans do not end here. Beyond the openings planned for the European market, Lucciano’s seeks to enter other places. “We are analyzing some country in the region, as well as in the Middle East,” shared the entrepreneur.

*Published in Forbes Spain

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