The truth behind the romance of the daughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez and Paul Walker

The Venezuelan singer Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez He is a little away from the stage since he has taken a break to rest at 79 years of age in the luxurious mansion he has in Miami with his wife, Carolina Pérez. But he is still very active on social media.

Only on Instagram, Puma Rodríguez accumulates almost 400,000 followers from all corners of the world and whenever he can, he boasts of his youngest daughter, Genesis Rodriguez and to the work that the young woman does in the Hollywood industry that she conquered as an actress a few years ago.

Genesis Rodriguez He began his acting career at a very young age and participated with important roles in various Latin soap operas, but he made the biggest leap with his participation in the film ‘Hours’ in 2011, where he shared a cast with the late actor Paul Walker.

Rumors from the entertainment world indicate that Genesis Rodriguez She was Paul Walker’s Latin lover but he was in the public eye with his girlfriend Jasmine Pilchard-Gosnell, to whom he was about to propose when he suffered a traffic accident that took his life.

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Neither Paul Walker nor Genesis Rodriguez They referred to the subject of their fiery romance, but when the “Fast and Furious” actor died, the daughter of Puma Rodríguez was very shocked and spent a long time without leaving her house and without showing herself in public, something that was rare for her. .

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