Hundreds of people block roads due to gas shortage in Sri Lanka

Colombo, May 8 (Latest) .- Hundreds of people today blocked several key roads in Colombo, despite the state of emergency decreed in the country on May 6, to show their discontent over the shortage of gas for cooking that Sri Lanka is experiencing. for weeks due to the severe economic crisis.

“We cannot feed our children because there is no gas. This government has been very negligent with the essential needs of the people,” a protester who asked not to be identified on Armor Street, one of the roads blocked by the protests.

Protesters blocked vehicles on major roads in the Sri Lankan capital after being unable to obtain cooking gas cylinders due to supply shortages in the country.

Part of the supplies transported by the trucks were looted by groups of people desperate to get gas cylinders for cooking after weeks of scarcity.

Despite the state of emergency, protesters continued to gather near the office of Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa, and massive protests continued across the country to demand his resignation.

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In this regard, the country’s prime minister, Mahinda Rajapaksa, is expected to announce his resignation tomorrow to facilitate the appointment of a new government, two government sources who asked not to reveal their identity informed Efe today.

With the aim of putting an end to the dire situation, the Sri Lanka Bar Association presented yesterday, Saturday, a proposal to form an interim government that includes all the parties that represent Parliament.

The draft was supported by the main opposition party, Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB), who presented two motions of censure against Rajapaksa and his government on the 3rd, harshly criticized for the management of the serious economic crisis suffered by the island nation. .

Sri Lanka is going through a severe economic crisis that has caused shortages of essential materials such as food, fuel, medicine or cooking oil.

This situation, triggered by the lack of international currency to import the required products, caused electricity cuts of up to 13 hours.

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