This is the woman who rejected Chayanne but accepted Luis Miguel

The singers Chayanne 53 years old and Luis Miguel 52 are great exponents of Latin music and on more than one occasion they shared the stage, the public, they coincided in events, they fought for their songs to be the most listened to and they also competed for the love of a woman.

The truth is that both Chayanne and Luis Miguel They wanted to spend a night with Lucia Mendez, the actress and model who rose to fame in the ’70s by being chosen as the face of ‘El Heraldo’. Both coincided with her in a great show that took place in the city of Miami and when everything was over they followed her to the hotel, each one on her side.

Today at 67 years old, Lucia Mendez remember that story with humor. It was on the program “Con Permiso”, hosted by Juan José “Pepillo” Origel and Martha Figueroa, where the actress told how both artists competed for her love and company more than 40 years ago.

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“He was kind of like my lost fan, Chayanne, really. Then he came and told me I don’t know what. But I replied: ‘No, Chayancito, I’m going to sleep my love. No, not corn. No, no, Chayanne, go to your room, my life, you are a baby, “said Lucía Mendez while she added that the singer was 17 years old at that time.

Later, Lucía Mendez, who was 30 years old at the time, added a similar story that she lived with Luis Miguel the same night. “Suddenly I see him, golden. Now it turns out he was 17 and he told me he was 20. Golden, with blond hair, in an impeccable Armani tuxedo, with a bottle of champagne. I open the door with my hair standing up and say: ‘What’s up Micky?

Luis Miguel tells me: ‘I have to talk to someone because I’m very sad. Then she comes in, sits down and starts talking to me. That if I’m sick of I don’t know what… you know how smart Micky is to talk, “Lucía Mendez concluded and said that they spent the night together and then began a romance that lasted six months.

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