Xbox acknowledges connection issues over the weekend; How to solve it

Many users – us too – have reported numerous issues on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One this weekend. They started on Friday night and led to inconveniences such as not being able to access the library, launch digitally purchased games, see the list of online friends and other services. These errors were repeated during the afternoon and night of Saturday and from Microsoft they have confirmed that the Xbox Live services have failed. This very morning they announced that everything is working again, although it is possible that you still suffer from some type of error; we tell you how to solve it in a matter of seconds.

If something still fails, it’s time to restart the console

As recommended by Microsoft, in some cases it is possible that an error leaves some kind of trace, and even if the problem is corrected, some consoles may still experience them. If all services are in order, restarting the console will be more than enough so that everything works again immediately. From then on, if you experience any problems again, please pay attention to the following information.

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How to know if everything works correctly?

On some occasions, we may be experiencing connection problems that prevent us from seeing the friends list, using games from our library, and even unlocking achievements. Many users tend to think that their internet connection is being affected by some incident, although this is not always the case. Xbox Live It is a complex system in which problems associated with a certain service sometimes arise, so the best thing to do as soon as you notice something strange is to visit the following link; it is a web page that shows the status of all services in real time. At the time of publishing this news, we can verify that the errors have been fixed and everything works perfectly.

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