Robert De Niro denies a fan a photo and his reaction goes viral

It seems that the veteran actor is not in the mood to socialize during his stay in the country. This Wednesday, De Niro was recorded on video while being approached by a woman in the Elena restaurant of the Four Seasons Hotel in Buenos Aires, where he is staying with his girlfriend and his daughter.

In the clip, you can see the woman who was looking to take a picture with the protagonist of the tape Taxi Driver approaching him with the mobile phone in his hand to ask: “Can a picture with you, please?”. (“Can it be a photo, please?”). The actor’s response was resounding: “No, no, no,” she told him, waving her hand. In the background, the voice of De Niro’s partner is also heard, adding: “No, you’re so rude. We’re here with the family” (“You’re very rude, we’re in the family”).



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