Steam sales: the ten must-have deals from Devolver Digital

Until next May 16 we can find on Steam a series of offers of Return Digital, which days before anticipated this promotion by recommending players not to buy their games, in a new show of humor from the publisher. In this way we can get a good amount of the best independent games today at a more than advisable price, of which we have chosen a round figure.

Ten grand from the hand of Devolver

Thus, we have two of the most viral games of recent months, such as Loop Hero e Inscryption, two titles that have surprised in recent times and the ones that have given the most talk. We also find fairly recent releases such as the peculiar RPG Weird Westor one of the best first-person action titles of all 2022 as it is Shadow Warrior 3.

There are other great classics like The Messenger o Hotline Miami 2in addition to the patriotic touch that puts The Red Strings Clubbut above all we can still take advantage of the reduction in Trek to Yomithe adventure in feudal Japan that was launched this past Friday and that the initial 10% discount still lasts.

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