Outriders is still not profitable for Square Enix

The inclusion of Outriders on Xbox Game Pass, also for PC, it seems that it has not been enough for the People Can Fly looter shooter. As announced by the study, the game has not yet recovered the investment it Square Enix did in it, being despite everything a license with which the Japanese company has been optimistic, and that in fact, is one of the few IPs of Western origin that has been left out of the recent purchase agreement by Embracer Group .

This non-profitability for the moment has been revealed after the financial report of People Can Fly, published on April 21, and in which it is revealed that it has not made a profit during this past fiscal year 2021. As we said before, Square Enix agreed with Microsoft the inclusion of the game in Game Pass from the first day on the market, something that undoubtedly helped it in the short term when it came to getting a player base, but from a monetary point of view, it has not been beneficial in absolute.

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The game has been on the market for just over a year and the studio has not yet collected royalties for it, since for this, it has to generate profits. The income received from the agreement with Microsoft at the moment does not seem to be enough, since from the beginning they gave up on implementing micropayments.

They are not optimistic

“The level of royalties depends on the specific amount that comes from sales of the game,” says the financial report. “The studio did not receive any royalties from the publisher until the period of December 31, 2021, which means that Outriders sales data is not enough for the publisher to recover the costs and expenses invested in the development, distribution and promotion of the game. There is no guarantee that future sales revenue from the game will be sufficient to recover costs and pay royalties to the studio.”

With this, from People Can Fly they are not exactly optimistic. With this, it remains that its new expansion, Worldslayer, which arrives at the end of this month, is able to recover a good number of players and that others are interested in the game.

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