Find out what Galilea López Morillo does, the granddaughter of José Luis ‘el Puma’ Rodríguez

Galilea Lopez Morillo and the Venezuelan singer are relatives, although both she and the artist’s two daughters (Liliana, mother of Galilea and Lilibeth), do not bear his last name and have no relationship with Jose Luis. In a family of artists, the relational breakdown is one of the news that has reverberated the most.

The Cougar Rodriguez It will not give them affection, but it has given them, almost in their blood, the way to face the cameras and face their working lives. Contrary to what many believe, Galilea Lopez Morillo, 26, is not a model or actress like her mother and aunt, but is dedicated to real estate and has an instagram profile totally dedicated to it. Did you know?

Social networks seem to be a special world for Galilea Lopez Morillo, which is a media phenomenon and is already close to reaching 100 thousand followers from all latitudes. In addition to enlarging your personal account, it serves to feed your work profile.

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Galilea Lopez Morillo he called his specialized page for his work issues “Galilea López financial services”. In it, she shows the services that she offers in the city of Miami where she currently lives.

In one of his most recent posts on his secondary account, galilee lopez he also showed the more philanthropic side of his work. The @goldfinancialfl team took to the streets of downtown and distributed items for the homeless. “I love working for such a generous company that strives to always give back to their community and those in need. Seeing the faces of gratitude on these beings made my day and reminded me why I love the industry I’m in.”

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