Weekly one-card tarot reading for all zodiac signs, May 9-15, 2022

This week’s broadcast feels like something out of a Netflix thriller; the gypsy fortune teller lays out the cards, and as each new card is revealed, gasps are heard and hands cover their mouths.

We think we know where this is going, but does it ever cut and dry?

Oh no, my friends, the stories within the cards are powerful, and it will be during this very week that many of us here will discover something new, something terrible. Something wonderful?

Our spread today has many Major Arcana cards, which always tend to show us that, in the long run, we are responsible for the karmic expansion before us and that it is up to us to create our destiny or let our destiny be determined by others.

From the first card to the last, this tarot reading has a common point: we are the makers or the ones who break our own destiny; nothing is permanent, and all conditions are states of flux.

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Everything we know is in a state of constant motion, and we are the hand that turns the tide if we can only acknowledge how powerful we really are.

Here’s what’s in store for your weekly one-card tarot reading for all zodiac signs, May 9-15, 2022.

Tarot card: The magician

At your fingertips are all the necessary things so you can create the week as you would like to see it. That’s a powerful statement, and as an Aries, you know what to do with power.

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