“I am a crazy traveler”: the story of the man who lives in his car in the United States

The dream of many people is to travel and get to know many countries, but very few achieve it. Christian Muñoz is a Mexican, known on social networks as “Devoramundos”, who decided a few months ago to travel and live in his car. Several of his videos were made viral and here we tell you history.

Christian Muñoz Nava is currently living in the United States, but to get to that country he had to go through countless situations. In a video posted on his YouTube account in 2019, he said that he studied and started various businesses in Mexico, his native country.

Unfortunately, shortly after his father passed away and all his businesses went bankrupt. In this way, he traveled to the United States and in that country he has already been living for more than eight months. The detail is that he does not rent rooms, nor does he stay at a friend’s house. His house is his own vehicle.

“I am a crazy traveler who will meet the whole world or die trying”, is the description that appears on TikTok

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“I live in my car, in the United States, because I am doing the trip that my father and I once planned to go to Niagara Falls.”, he said on his YouTube channel.

The user became known on TikTok for telling his life inside his car and revealing some curiosities. Precisely, one of his videos that went viral is the one where he reveals how he bathes.

As explained by En la Hora, the tiktoker shows a card that some truckers gave him and buys a shift in a store. Inside the establishment you can see the shower, toilets, laundry and even a place where you can buy food.

@devoramundos_oficial Reply to @brandonrodriguez98200 how do I take a shower if I live in my car in the usa 🇺🇸 loves #vidasobrerodas #usa #oregon #lowcost #vidaencarretera #viaje ♬ mona lisa – mxmtoon

The content creator also solves other unknowns for users, such as how do you cook, how do you sleep if it’s very cold?, among others.

@devoramundos_oficial how I sleep if it’s too cold if I live in my car 🇺🇸 #usa #portland #vidasobrerodas #viaje #lowcost ♬ Good Ole Boy – Lauren Alaina

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