After 40 years, Frida Kahlo’s ‘wings’ fly to Madrid

This is the second individual exhibition of a Mexican heritage artist that is exhibited thanks to the Fundación Casa de México in Spain; the first was of the great love of Frida and it was titled Diego Rivera: Universal Artistin the year 2019. This second effort “marks a milestone”, according to its organizers.

Yesterday at Casa de México in France, the inauguration of the exhibition was held, which includes 31 original works, from two private collections, one of them from the Dolores Olmedo Museum, and 91 photographs, including 10 of her most famous self-portraits. Famous: The broken Column, Diego and me.

As well as self-portrait with monkey, my nana and mey Hospital Henry Ford. In addition to videos and photographs of the renowned Mexican photographer Manuel Alvarez Bravo. Frida Kahlo: Wings to fly was inaugurated by the president of Fundación Casa de México in Spain, Mr. Valentine Ten Morodo.

Within the framework of a reinforcement of cultural promotion and academic cooperation with Spain, the Ambassador of Mexico in Spain, His Excellency, was present, Quirino Ordaz Coppelon behalf of the Dolores Olmedo Museum, the family Phillipsand the CEO, Ximena Caraza Campos.

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