This was the childhood of Karol G with his father Guillermo Giraldo

Behind a successful career in music there are always several people who worked tirelessly until they saw the expected results and Carol G is aware of it. The Colombian singer knew how to grow little by little as a singer, but she was not alone, since her father was the main pillar of her entire struggle.

As the singer herself has always recognized, her father, William Giraldowas the one who supported her the most and pushed her to achieve what she always wanted since she was a child, when she already showed that good talent for this art, which has been inherited, since he is also a musician with great gifts for what now seems to be family work .

dad G‘, as this character is also known, even became his first manager, but before that he was his first fan, so we will remember some passages from those years.

Guillermo Giraldo, better known as "Papá G", is the main driver of his daughter
Guillermo Giraldo, better known as “Papá G”, is the main driver of his daughter’s career (Photo: Instagram)


Since she was very little, Karol was already beginning to show that her talent would take her very far. Instead of big stages and lights, her first stages were family reunions, which were enlivened at times with her voice and her timid movements.

Moreover, there are audiovisual records of those moments, which, some time ago, were shared by the same artists on their official social media accounts.

When she grew up, already 4 years old, her father was the one who motivated her and helped her during her participation in the singing program called “Factor X”, which she won and later became her first springboard to fame.

It is worth mentioning that during those teenage years one of his best friends was J Balvinwith whom he grew up in the musical environment.


According to a video broadcast on social networks, Karol G spoke about his 16-year career and everything he has achieved so far in the music industry. And it is that the Colombian artist is one of the most beloved of the urban genre and her success is indisputable.

“I love to talk a lot, but if there is something nice that remains for me to do, after how blessed I feel, it is to tell you that I have been in my career for 16 years and barely now is that I am doing these things that are happening to me”he said at his concert. “Work hard at 20 so that you can enjoy it very well at 30″advised the Colombian singer as advice for all her fans.

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