A ‘college ghost’? The moment a chair moves strangely in a university

In the world there are people who claim to have witnessed paranormal phenomena, but there are few times that a visual record is obtained. In Argentinahowever, a video was released viral in which a chair moves strangely in a university faculty. Many noted the presence of a ‘college ghost’ in the social media.

This curious and terrifying event occurred in a headquarters that the Champagnat de Mendoza University owns, on Belgrano street, in the department of Godoy Cruz, according to the TN site. The security cameras of the enclosure captured the moment in which a chair moves in a strange way, making the typical noise when the object is dragged.

According to the website, several users have attributed this phenomenon to the presence of a ‘university ghost’. It should be noted that teachers and students were not at that time, since it was the weekend, and only some workers were there.

In a second video, one of the guards runs away after observing the paranormal phenomenon. Even Chronicle reports that the faculty workers themselves claimed to have heard loud noises.

The medium in question refers to a third video where similar events are recorded in one of the classrooms of the student house.

The videos were shared in different WhatsApp groups and quickly went viral. It should be noted that a few weeks ago another paranormal event occurred inside the National University of Lomas de Zamora. A goblin appeared wandering through the internal streets of the establishment.

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