The 3 zodiac signs that want to be single from May 8 to 12

When someone says that they prefer singleness to love, our first instinct is not believe him, or even worse, assume he speaks out of bitterness and that he’s trying to show it to people because he happens to be single, and that’s exactly what he wants.

Really we never hear them; we simply project our own sense of what it must be like for them to be single.

We don’t trust anyone to really want to be single, but that’s really our problem, not theirs.

In a world where we are sold the idea that we are only half of a person until we find that other half special super dumb to complete us, is the type of lie that can really ruin a person, for life.

Not everyone wants to mate and, oddly enough, that doesn’t automatically mean he’s a serial killer because of it. Sometimes people who want to stay single are really just people who enjoy their own company.

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When we have a transit like Mars in sextile with Uranus, from May 8 to 12, 2022, we will find that many of us who yearn for a simple life without drama, a single life is the best alternative and if it is the option for that we choose, we will get ahead.

Go find yourself a partner and do the family thing, if that’s your trip, go for it.

As for the rest of us, who don’t fit easily into the mold of expectations, we will stand our ground and remain single. Any problem?

Every time you decide to jump on the ‘normal’ bandwagon, you end up feeling like you’re not being true to yourself, and being true to yourself is basically what defines you. You are a truly original, unique and independent mind and body.

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