How Belinda feels after her breakup with Christian Nodal

The breaking of Belinda y Christian Nodal It has been one of the most shocking news so far in 2022. The couple of Mexican artists had already headed their way to the altar -the interpreter of mexican regional music He had asked the singer for his hand- but their untimely separation left the entire entertainment world intrigued, even more so because neither of them dared to give reasons or express how they felt after this sad outcome.

A couple of months later, and thousands of kilometers from where she lived her courtship with the interpreter of “We are no longer nor will we be”, Belinda spoke at length with the entertainment press in Spain. The occasion was her presence at the Platino Awards, which were held in Madrid at the beginning of May.

The singer of “Ángel” dazzled on her way through the red carpet of the event, where she had a leading role: she was the presenter of one of the gala awards together with Álvaro Morte, the actor who gave life to the Professor in the highly successful series Spanish from Netflix. “I was no, no, it is not possible and I said what a blessing, grateful for the surprises that God gives me”expressed the 32-year-old artist after the ceremony to all the entertainment media present.

The actress and singer on the red carpet of the Platinum Awards, in Madrid (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)
The actress and singer on the red carpet of the Platinum Awards, in Madrid (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)


The actress of “Ugly Duckling” was consulted, among other things, about her emotional situation after having ended a relationship that had future prospects. Thus, Belinda, without discomfort, responded to the topic “Christian Nodal” and sent a message to all those people who have been speculating on the matter.

“(The acceptance of a breakup) They are processes of life, I am already very calm, very happy. This is how things happen. Life is beautiful, it fills you with surprises and this is one of them”indicated in an interview with the show program Ventaneando, although he did not want to delve into the reasons that led them to end their relationship. “I am now better than ever”he limited during his time on the red carpet of the Platinum Awards.

In another interview, this time with the television program De Primera Mano, Belinda stated that one of the things she did to find peace of mind while assimilating the end of her courtship was to get away from social networks.

“I felt very good because that is healthy, not only for me but I think for everyone… I recommend it, that suddenly, it is not that you leave forever, but you are relaxed for a while, focused on other things, loving you… in the end it gives you a lot of peace, a lot of tranquility…”he explained.

Likewise, she criticized all those who have tried and sentenced her on social networks without knowing the truth of things -one of the things that was said was that Christian Nodal broke up with her because he used money he lent her to pay a shared debt that had with her ex-boyfriend.

“They judge without knowing, how they attack, it is something very unfortunate, it is painful, and I believe that today more than ever we have to be united, value each other and raise our voices, not remain silent. Although sometimes, when you don’t have anything nice to say, sometimes it’s better to keep quiet. Words are important, you have to know how to use them so as not to hurt people…”he expressed.

The couple had already engaged and their marriage was expected shortly (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)
The couple had already engaged and their marriage was expected shortly (Photo: Belinda / Instagram)


The interpreter of “Diing slowly” was also questioned about when she plans to return to Mexico, a country that has been her place of residence since she was an infant. Belinda, who is now living with her family in Spain, confessed that she misses the Aztec country every day.

“I love Mexico! As soon as I can, I take a break with my family who is there, to eat my tacos and enjoy Mexico, which is beautiful. Due to life circumstances, I am now working here, happy with these projects and dedicated to the maximum with my work”said the actress of the series “Welcome to Eden”, which has just premiered on Netflix.

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