The story of Ellen Milgrau, the model who cleans the houses of people with depression

Millions of people suffer from depression in the world and, for this reason, awareness and support campaigns are more than welcome. Precisely, a Brazilian model started a project that aims to clean the houses of people who are depressed. the videos were made viral in TikTok and here we tell you the history that has moved users.

Ellen Milgrau is a Brazilian model and influencer who, in her spare time, helps people with depression. How? She cleans her houses with the help of her friend, model and publicist Lua Rodrigues, according to BBC News.

Due to the lack of energy, people with depression neglect their homes and, during Milgrau’s visits, it was common to find food scraps in the rooms, dirty clothes and cockroaches.

Since she was a child, Milgrau revealed to BBC Brazil, had strict cleaning habits and that is why he decided to start the “Milgrau Cleaning” project. In addition, the 29-year-old model suffers from depression and “he understands the difficulties these people face”according to the website.

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At the beginning of March, the Brazilian model began to share the series of videos where the cleaning process can be observed, which was inspired by the work of the Finnish Auri Katariina, who cleans the homes of people with mental health problems.

Of the five cases that were presented on her TikTok channel, the most shocking was that of a 21-year-old girl, who had not cleaned her house for 10 months. She lived alone and suffered from severe depression.

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“It was a very precarious situation. She was completely abandoned by her family after losing a loved one, she was friendless and living in São Paulo. That affected me a lot, ”she told BBC Brazil.

The five videos went viral and exceeded 30 million views. Due to the impact, volunteers joined the project.

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According to the Mental Health America site, “clinical depression is a serious and common illness that affects us physically and mentally in our way of feeling and thinking.” “Depression can make us want to withdraw from our family, friends, work, and school. It can also cause us anxiety, loss of sleep, loss of appetite, and lack of interest or pleasure in doing different activities”, adds the website.