BTS: how much does the “Proof” album cost and where to buy it

the south korean band bts it has become a tremendous boom in his country and in the rest of the world. For example in USA There are already thousands of fans who enjoy his songs and, how could it be different, in Latin America he has also positioned himself in an impressive way and many already speculate that they will soon have a tour in this part of the globe.

For now, the seven members of the kpop group are already getting ready for their new album that will be released next Friday, June 10 and is called “Proof”, which in Spanish means “proof”. That is why thousands of fans are already encouraging themselves to separate their product in advance in South Korea and also in Mexico.

That is why, given the doubts of many Army members, in this note we will give you details of how to buy this product online, which will be one of the most desired. It is even speculated that, with only the pre-sale, BTS could break records because their fans are always desperate to get the official merch.

The South Korean band
The South Korean band’s new album is called “Proof” (Photo: BTS)


First, it must be stated that there are three types of pre-sale products with respect to the album that bts will launch to the whole world next June and now we will tell you what they are about.

The standard version ofproof” has a cost of 51 dollars, while the compact (CD) has a value of 17.92 dollars. Of course, if any of the fans wants to obtain both products, he can purchase it at a cost of 68.93 dollars.

To know the price in Mexican pesos or in any currency, it is only a matter of making the corresponding exchange rate.


There are several ways to virtually separate “Proof” through some online stores and platforms, so we are going to cite some of them, which are not the only ones and it will depend on each one if you want to purchase your products through that way.


It is the official platform of BTS, which allows you to make your purchase with some benefits, even more so if you make it through the application. Of course, sometimes shipments from South Korea they may take a while due to the distance and everything already known about shipments from there.

Monkish Store

It is a Facebook page, but in the same way it has a physical store in Plaza Galerías de las Estrellas. Payment facilities can be requested and they also ship nationwide, although the cost of this may increase depending on the place.

Pop Seoul Store

You can make the purchase through its official site. The delivery time is usually short, but the products do not come with free merch such as posters or any other additional.


The popular acronym is an abbreviation of Bangtan Sonyeondan, which translated into Spanish is Boy Scouts bulletproof, a band South Korea which has as members Kim Nam-joon, Kim Seok-jin, Min Yoon-gi, Jung Ho-seok, Park Ji-min, Kim Tae-hyung, and Jeon Jung-kook.

The seven young people debuted in 2013 and are the first K-pop band to top Billboard’s Hot 100 chart, thanks to their single dynamite; Likewise, they are creditors of a Guinness record for having the largest number of attendees in a virtual concert.

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