The story behind the man who lost weight until his favorite taco was back on the menu at his favorite restaurant

In countries like USA and other parts of the world, fast food is one of the causes of weight gain and obesity in millions of people; But one man proved to everyone not only that he was able to lose 85 pounds in just over a year, but what he did while he was still eating tacos. Their history made trend in social media how TikTok where, in addition, he revealed his secrets.

Our protagonist is called Chris Sandberga native of California, who has been working out just over 482 days and whose transformation has been shared with all his followers. But why did he do this? Simple, by way of protest so that Taco Bell re-include your favorite dish: the Grilled Stuff Nachor, which he withdrew from his letter from the 2015.

The Stuff Nacho It is nothing more than a triangle-shaped filled tortilla, inside which has beef, jalapeño sauce with cheese, sour cream and crispy red strips.

the passion of Sandberg for this food came up when during his rest shift and thought that it was like experiencing “happiness”: “There is a common opinion that most Taco Bell items taste the same. I’m telling you, the cheesy jalapeño sauce is different for the Grilled Stuffed Nacho, it hits differently”revealed to FOX8.

However, everything came to an end when the coronavirus pandemic appeared. COVID-19because with the work at home, with the mandatory isolation, he realized that he weighed more than 136 kiloswhich made him a potential fatal victim if the virus caught him: “That’s when I really started to freak out”.

Suddenly, he realized that his obesity was suddenly more noticeable to others than to him: “Like when people start calling you ‘big guy,’ or when I was on my friend’s phone like Big Chris I had never considered myself as ‘Big Chris‘. Your life just slowly changes.

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It was then that he decided to lose weight and in a short time he lost more than 4 kilos, but shortly after he came up with the idea of ​​the challenge of Stuff Nacho in TikTok from day 1.

Despite what many have speculated, Chris denies that he works or is advertising for Taco Bell; however, he did accept that the restaurant chain has given him gift cards once they found out about his challenge.

A FOX8, Nicole Weltmandirector of social networks Taco Bellcommented regarding our protagonist: “We have been watching and encouraging Chris since the first day. When we saw that he was approaching his first year, we wanted to recognize him and all that he has accomplished. And what better way to do it than to bring back the Grilled Stuff Nachoonly for him, only for one day”.

@stuftnacho Trying to get @tacobell ♬ The Hustle – Van McCoy

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The reaction of Chris knowing this was tremendous and he tells it this way: “They gave me a jar of sauce; it might be the only jar out there and it’s in my fridge. We’re saving it for a special occasion.”.

But let’s go to the past January 1, 2021this date is important because it was his first video in Tiktok where he proposed to lose weight: “Day one of exercise every day until Taco brings back the Grilled Stuff Nachosays the legend of the footage.

Chris he has been methodical in his routine, but he has also had the support of the community of this social network to keep fit; this being the great reason to reduce measures, but as for the return of his favorite dish, well, with this he has not had much luck, although he does not fear that, if the dish were to return to the menu, this could interrupt his current lifestyle healthy.

@stuftnacho Do the right thing #tacobell 🤤🤤 #nachos #welcome2021 #myroutine #newyearnewme #newyearsresolution ♬ original sound – Bring Back The Stuft Nacho!!

“At one point it might have been a concern, but for the last few 481 days I have built a very strong routine when it comes to eating and exercising that, if a lip torn and a bruise the size of a baseball did not stop him, then, a Grilled Stuffed Nacho neither will”.

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However, he has confessed that despite this he eats Taco Bell, but for just one day he gives himself the freedom to try anything; in this case, taste the Crunchwrap Supreme.

Many people want to follow his example, so not a few ask him for advice and Chris He is always willing to help his community. What he recommends, first of all, is to talk to a doctor, then create a diet and exercise plan so that this becomes a habit of life.

@stuftnacho I’m FINALLY under 200 LBS!! 😮‍💨 😅 First time in over 10 YEARS!! 💪💪 @tacobell ♬ Steven Universe – L.Dre

ingest healthy foodstart with some exercises for half an hour dailyuntil at one point this will become a routine: “It got to the point where I had a big bruise on my knee and I thought I wouldn’t be able to exercise anymore, but because I had gotten into a habit, like sitting up in bed saying, ‘I don’t know what to do for this hour, I always I’ve done exercise for this hour’”.

He also confessed that losing weight is not only mental and physical, but also personal: “Many times people ask for motivation. It’s not what motivates me, it’s what motivates you.”.